It’s strange isn’t it? The feeling of love, it is like both, the medicine and also the illness. It is the solution and question, it is the one feeling that ties the world together and breaks it up. It is the feeling that keeps me loyal to my friends, it is the feeling that keeps me respectful to my teachers and parents. It is the feeling that keeps us from inflicting pain but it doesn’t stop us from feeling pain. I don’t believe that love is painless; I believe that love is maybe the most painful feeling. Without love why would you cry over losing someone, without love why would you feel jealousy?


Love is like fire, it’s entrancing to watch, it’s beautiful and powerful but let it get out of hand. Stop paying attention to it and it will burn everything and on the other hand if you let the flame fizzle out then it is dead and the beauty and uniqueness of that flame is gone.


Romantic love is one that is unknown to me but also so familiar. The feeling of love is like a distant memory or a fading dream. The feeling is like one that is tied to the most sensitive part of me using the most frail of strings. It is a feeling I have never experienced but somehow I know it, somehow I feel my mind get light and I smile for no possible reason. Somewhere in my mind I feel love, not strong enough for me to grab onto and preserve but it is present. It is present like the first notes of a song or the fist syllables of a poem.


It is there just enough to make my heart hurt and to make my mind wait.



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