” “Hey little girl where are you going?”
asked her mother.

“Hey little girl what are you doing?”
asked her father.

“Hey little girl who do you think you are?”
asked society.

“I’m going on my journey.”
she said to her mother.

“I’m going to find my own way.”
she said to her father.

“I am one amongst many.”
“I am a bird flying against the wind.”
“I am an inferno that will burn through you.”
“I am a force you cannot control.”
she warned society.

“Be careful little girl.”
advised her mother.

“Watch your feet little girl.”
advised her father.

“You will never reach there.”
taunted society.

“You can’t stop me.”
she said, her voice still strong.

“I will do it.”
her voice now quivering.

“Please let me do it.”
her voice now small.

“Why can’t I do it?”
her voice now afraid.

“Take my hand little girl, we’ll do it together.” ”



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