Shattered Crystals- 7

It was the nights before Finn had to leave for America, both boys had been let off from work early to spend a little more time together and were now sleeping, at least Finn was, Adam was crying. He was overjoyed for Finn but he was so sad that the only good thing in his life was going away. Adam was more tired now days, he ate less, he smiled less, he talked less and Finn noticed it all. He even brought it up but Adam always just dismissed it as worry for his mother. Finn didn’t give up though, he tried over and over to get Adam to open up and come to Finn for help but Adam would not give in.

Adam had sneaked away to the street corner where he had first met Finn after Finn had fallen asleep and sat down there. He pulled his legs up towards him and buried his head in his knees. He didn’t want to cry because he didn’t want to look selfi’sh and weak but there was nothing he could do to stop the tears that were now free flowing past his eyes. He cried remembering the moments the boys spent together, he cried when he remembered the nights Finn would hold him together because he was too weak to hold himself together, he cried when he remembered Finn picking him up when he was down, he cried when he remembered the kind and soothing words Finn would tell him, he cried remembering all the laughs and the nights they would stay up talking to each other holding their stomachs and silently suffering because if they laughed out loud they would wake Yuri. He cried when he realized that there wouldn’t be a Fi to pick up from the club and talk to on the way home. Adam cried more and more until his eyes burned and there was nothing left.


Even after all the tears were drained and his eyes hurt he silently sobbed into his hands. Adam couldn’t stop no matter what he tried, he tried so hard to remember being happy instead but the times when he was happy always were somehow tied to Finn and that just made him cry more. He cried because he had finally found the one person who he loved so much that he let him enter his mind and heart. He let Finn build a home in his heart and now he was going to leave it empty and over time it would become cold and cobwebs would start to form. Adam knew that without Finn his heart would start to die and he cried because he didn’t want to lose his home. Finn was home for Adam. If he had Finn, Adam didn’t mind being poor. If he had Finn, Adam would work as hard he needed to keep him happy. If Adam had his Fi he was content, he was happy, he was home.


Adam wanted so desperately to talk to someone about it but who would understand his tears, who would explain to him that he’s okay, who would hold him and not judge him other than Finn. Adam sat there for so long that his legs fell asleep and his body became numb from the cold. Adam couldn’t stop his memories so he let them come to him and he finally remembered the one person other than Finn who would understand him, the one person who would help him. He remembered his best friend, Jane Anders. Adam staggered to his feet and tried his best to dry his face. He placed his hand on the wall he was leaning on and took a few deep breaths to try and calm himself down enough to remember the way to Jane’s apartment.




Jane woke up to incessant banging on her door; she got off her bed, rubbed her eyes and made her way to the door. She didn’t know what to expect but she was sure it wasn’t a teary eyed best friend. Jane opened the door and Adam fell into her arms, tired and dirty. Jane said nothing despite the numerous questions rising in her head and simply led a very light Adam into the living room and put him down on the couch. Jane sat down on the floor near the couch and listened to her friend mumble. There were tears rolling down Adam’s face again and Jane was scared, Jane was so scared for the well being of her friend. She was sure this had something to do with Finn leaving. Adam had been acting weird ever since Xavier had made the announcement about Finn’s scholarship and he had progressively gotten weirder as time passed. Jane had wanted to bring it up but she was so scared of the reaction that she had just left it as it was. Now Adam was crying silently on her couch at three in the morning. Jane didn’t know what to do so once again she just stayed by Adam’s side. She held on to Adam’s hand and rubbed her thumb over the top of his knuckles in an attempt to calm him down. It seemed to be working so she continued doing it until he fell asleep about twenty minutes later. Jane was afraid of what might happed if she left Adam’s side so she stayed by him, she rested her head on the sofa Adam was lying on and fell asleep on the floor holding Adam’s hand.


Adam woke up about an hour later expecting to see Finn snuggled up next to him but was instead greeted with Jane on the floor holding onto his hand and a splitting headache. Adam tried to move without waking Jane but failed miserably.


“Oh hey Ady, you’re awake.” Jane said yawing.


“Ya I am, Jane what am I doing here?” Adam asked still confused.


“Oh, don’t you remember what happened last night?”


“What happened? All I remember is a really bad dream.”


“I don’t think that was a dream Ady. You showed up at my door at three in the morning crying and dirty and you kept mumbling about Finn leaving.”


“Oh no, oh no oh no oh no.” he kept repeating those words and held his hand in his head “Jane Jane I don’t want him to leave, Janey I can’t be without him.” Adam said and broke down in to tears again.


“Ady, Ady please stop crying.” Jane said and scooped Adam into a hug. Adam didn’t stop though, he continued crying and shaking. “Ady please, you’re not helping yourself by crying. You need to calm down and talk to me. Ady please just talk to me, Stop scaring me like this.” Jane eventually got Adam to talk to him.


“Janey I’m so scared, I don’t want Fi to leave. He’s all I have Jane; he’s the only person who makes me feel safe and complete. I know you love me Janey but Fi saved me from myself, he helped me become who I am now. I used to cry every night Janey I used to cry all the time because I sold my body for money. I sold myself Jane, do you know how disgusting that is? Do you know how disgusting I feel all the time? Jane no one has ever known and continued to love me, I’ve never told my sister or my mother. I didn’t want to tell you Janey because I thought I would lose you. I didn’t even want to tell Fi because I was scared but he found out and you know what he did Jane? He held me and told me he needed me and that he loved me. Jane he told me he didn’t care that I did that, he told me he understood. Jane he holds me when I’m scared and tells me I’m okay, he takes care of Yuri and my mother. Jane I can’t be without him. If he leaves, I’ll break and I wont be able to fix myself after that. He’s the only person I’ve ever loved like this Jane, I don’t want him to forget me. I know he will, after finding all the nicer and better friends in America he’ll forget about me. He’ll get a nice girlfriend or boyfriend and live with them and Jane I’ll be alone again and I can’t take that Jane. Jane please I don’t want him to leave but I also want him to. If he doesn’t go and achieve his dreams because of me, Janey I’ll never be able to sleep at night. I want him to go and become everything he dreams of being because he deserves it Jane. He deserves that and so much more. He’s so young but all he’s done is live for others and hurt and suffer.” Adam said crying into Jane’s shoulder.


Jane was shocked; she didn’t know Adam was a prostitute, she didn’t know about this part of her friend’s life. Jane didn’t know what to say but she knew she didn’t care, Jane was surprised but she couldn’t seem to care at all about this information. Jane decided that Adam was Adam regardless of where and what he worked as so she tighten her hug and rubbed his back.


“Ady, Ady listen to me. It doesn’t matter where you work to me. You’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met do you understand? I love you so much and it hurts me to see you like this. Adam you need to listen to me all right, Finn loves you just as much as you love him. He needs you just the same. I’ve known Fi for a long time now and after finding you he’s been so happy, he laughs more, he smiles and he genuinely wants to live now. He needs you to help him live just as much as you need him to help you live. Finn would never forget you because you gave him something to remember Adam. You gave him a life; you gave him a reason to wake up in the morning. He had us Ady but he needed you and now that he has you he won’t ever give you up. I talked to him and he’s scared of leaving you, he’s scared you will forget him. Adam he’s only doing this so he can come back and save you like you saved him. Adam he loves’ you so much and all he wants is for you to be happy. Ady you have me here, you have Harry and you have Xavier . We’re not Fi but we are your family and we will love and take care of you until he gets back. Adam you need to let him go so he can come back to you.” Jane told him wiping away Adam’s tears as well as her own. Adam had looked up at Jane while she was talking and had calmed down a bit. Adam couldn’t say anything so he simply nodded and hugged Jane. “Are you better now Ady? You should sleep for a while and tomorrow we can get him a gift together and send him off with a smile okay.” Jane said getting up. Adam nodded again and layed back down on the couch and tried to go back to sleep. Once Adam had dozed off Jane went into her own room and tried to get some sleep. He left Finn a message on the phone they had bought for him saying that Adam was with him and not to worry.


Finn awoke a few hours later, he turned over expecting to see Adam but he was alone. He couldn’t hear anything either, which meant that Adam wasn’t here. He picked up the phone his friends had bought for him in celebration of his scholarship and checked to see that there was a message from Jane. He sighed in relief when he read that Adam was with Jane. Finn looked at the date on the phone and remembered that it was the day he was leaving. It was the day he would be leaving Amsterdam for three years to study dance and make something of his life. It was the day he could finally escape. Finn was excited up until he looked at his wallpaper, a picture Jane had taken of Finn sitting in between Adam’s legs.


Adam, Finn was going to miss Adam so much. He knew how important this was for his life but Adam was so much more important. Adam was Finn’s life, without him there would have been no way Finn would have been this confident, there would be no way he would even be alive right now. Without Adam Finn would’ve died from the cold on the streets long ago or he would have killed himself after not being able to take his life anymore. Finn had found hope and light in Adam, Adam was his fire that kept him going when he couldn’t do it. Adam was the reason he lived. Finn was on the bed thinking about this and silent tears fell.


He realized he would miss all his brothers, he realized he would miss Yuri and this home but it wasn’t the same way he would miss Adam. Finn was realizing that nothing was ever the same with Adam, he was always a little more special, a little more loved, he was always a little something extra to Finn. Adam was the only one who could make Finn smile simply by entering his field of vision, he was the only one who made his heart lurch and his stomach swarm with butterflies. Adam was the only one, Finn realized, that he truly loved. The only one he loved more than a friend, more than a brother, more than a savior, Adam was the only one Finn wanted to have as his one and only. In his mind Adam was already the one he would always want but he never realized it was romantic. He never realized that he wanted Adam to be his boyfriend.


This sudden realization made him regret his decision of leaving even more, Finn knew he would never forget Adam and that there would be no one above him for Finn but Adam was beautiful and Adam was kind and friendly and he could find someone to love easily. Finn was terrified of being forgotten by the one person who mad him feel as though he was worth life, made him feel as though life was worth living. Finn was absolutely terrified of not having Adam to protect him and hold his hand when he got scared. Finn was terrified of not having Adam to fix him when he broke apart. Finn never imagined life without Adam after he got him and now he had to survive without him for three years. Finn didn’t want to do it but he had a responsibility not only to himself but also to Adam. Finn had to save them both and Yuri and Adam’s mother from this wretched life. Finn had resolved to make something of his life and make enough money to send Yuri to school and treat Adam’s mother. He would somehow save Adam from the brothel, he would make sure Adam never had to see that place ever again, he would make sure Adam would never suffer again and that he would be safe.


He got off the bed and went to eat something. Yuri was still asleep but she wasn’t talking to Finn anyway, Finn had excitedly told Yuri about the scholarship the day he got it and she was all for it until she heard that he had to leave. Once Finn told her about having to leave for America she left the room and haven’t talked to him properly since. Adam tried to explain to her that he was going to study and would come back with a job and toys and books and lots of food for her but she simply told him that she would rather have Finn with her than all the toys and food in the world. Finn tried to explain things to her and make up with her before he left but she was stubborn and would not listen to anything he had to say.


“Yuri listen to me please, I don’t want to leave here fighting with you.” Finn pleaded to the girl sitting cross-legged facing away from him. She didn’t reply to him, there was no indication that she even heard him. “Yuri please, I don’t like fighting with you.” She just huffed in reply. “Yuri if I don’t go, we’re all going to be stuck here forever. Don’t you want to go to a school and meet kids your age? Don’t you want to be able live in a nice house with all the toys and have food other than bread and jam?” he asked desperately. Yuri turned around with a sour expression on her face.


“No.” she said “No I don’t want all that fancy stuff, I want you and Adam and ma with me. I don’t want you to go to America, I don’t know where that is but I know it’s not in Amsterdam. Adam taught me all the places in Amsterdam and he never mentioned this America. I don’t want you going far away.”


“Yuri baby please listen to me, if I go I’ll be able to get my dream and with my dream I can help you get yours. You want to draw right baby? If I go and study there then I’ll have enough money to get you everything you need to draw with.”


“I don’t care. I want you here. I don’t want to talk about this. Just don’t go away please.” Yuri begged.


“Yuri I can’t do that, I might never get another chance like this.”


“Then don’t talk to me.” She said, she was starting to cry. Yuri was still very young and very emotional. “ I only had Adam before, my mother doesn’t talk to me. I,” she paused to sniffle “I don’t even know if she’s alive, I’ve only heard her voice when I was really small and I don’t even remember what it sounds like. Adam took care of me alone and he’s all I have but then you came and you make me so happy. Adam is like my father; you know I don’t actually have one. He’s like my father more than a big brother but you; you’re like my big brother. You always play with me and you are always joking around and you don’t make me eat the icky stuff Adam sometimes gets. I love Adam but I need you, I don’t want you to go, please I need you with me.” Yuri was in tears and she was standing in front of Finn who was still sitting cross-legged on the floor.


“Yuri I’m sorry, I love you that’s why I have to do this.” He said moving to wipe her tears. She violently jerked backwards before he could touch her.


“Fine, then leave and don’t come back.” she yelled at him ran off into the room she shared with the boys. Finn broke down into tears on the floor, he held his head in his hands and cried softly. He knew Yuri would say this, he knew she wouldn’t understand but he had hoped she would try and that she would be happy for him. Finn cried harder and harder until Adam walked in through the door. He had left the house to visit Jane when Finn told him he was going to talk to Yuri. Adam saw Finn crying and immediately rushed over to him and hugged him and whispered re-assuring words into his ears until he calmed down.


“Don’t worry, it’s just hard for her to imagine you not being here. She’ll understand.” Adam said wiping away Finn’s tears. “I know I’m trying to.” he thought to himself but didn’t dare say out loud.


Finn ate in silence and he headed out the door, the flight he was taking was at five in the evening so he was going to meet Xavier at the club at two, he had two hours to spend with Adam before he left. He went straight to Jane’s flat since Jane never mentioned where he and Adam were. Once he got there he found out they weren’t there. He called Jane on her phone but she didn’t pick up so Finn left the house and went to the music shop, he stood outside it on the wooden floor he would dance on usually. The song resonating from the store was one he knew the steps to and so he began to move. Finn unknowingly poured all the emotion he felt into his steps.


All his frustration at his life, his disappointment, anger and sadness at Yuri. He poured in all the love he felt towards Adam and the regret that he didn’t realize it sooner. All the fear he felt for going to a place he knew nothing about. Finn emptied any and all emotion he had been holding back for years into his moves. He finished with his eyes closed and the sounds of applause all around him. People had stopped to watch him dance because of the raw talent and pure emotion surrounding him. Finn smiled widely and bowed a million times. Once the people had gone away he walked out of the shop and back to the apartment.


He contemplated going to Harry’s apartment but he remembered that he had classes and then work at the local library. Harry was studying psychology at a college nearby, his parents payed for his classes but they refused to help him any further. Harry’s parents both lawyers had wanted him to follow in their footsteps but Harry had no interest    whatsoever in law so gladly accepted the offer his parents gave him; they would pay for college but he had to find some way to live on his own in Amsterdam and that was how he ended up working two jobs with the occasional baby sitting gig to pay for his livelihood.


Adam and Jane still weren’t back so Finn sat outside the apartment door and scoured the possible scenarios for where they could be. Each one made Finn laugh more and more because each one was more ridiculous than the last but in each one Adam was happy and laughing and that was what started up Finn’s nerves again. He was struck with the thought that maybe Adam wasn’t in love with Finn. Finn knew Adam loved him but Adam also loved Jane and Yuri. He realized that the fact that Adam might not be in love with Finn was a huge possibility and the more he thought about it, the more real it seemed.


He was suddenly terrified again, he had been so sure that he would always have his Adam but now, after realizing that people moved on and that Adam might not even love him he was on the verge of tears. There were so many reasons for him not to leave, there were so many people he would be leaving for years together but there was so much he could do to help them if he went. He would finally be free of this cursed life and he could bring Adam out with him. Finn was tired of thinking so much; he was so tired of his life being so complicated while he was so young. Finn just wanted to be young and careless.


He wanted to be with Adam so much, he wanted to be with him so bad. There was no one Finn loved more than Adam, there was no one he adored and idolized more. Finn didn’t want to imagine the pain he would face if Adam forgot him, he didn’t want to think about coming back and being just a memory to Adam, just a face he once knew. Finn was terrified of being forgotten.


Finn’s mind went fuzzy and he couldn’t see straight. His breathing got short and hard to control. The tears forming in his eyes blocked his vision and that scared him, the world around him seemed to dissolve as he fell deeper into his own fear. He clawed at his hair to get himself out. He dug his nails further into his palm to try and stop himself from slipping out of control. The fact that he didn’t have Adam to talk him through it was hitting him over and over like a wave.


The pure terror he faced at the thought of being alone and being forgotten by the person he associated with home and safety scared him so much. Finn’s mind had taken control of him and it was throwing every possible worst-case scenario at him in rapid speed. Finn saw Adam forget him, he saw Adam happy with someone else, he saw Adam not want him around anymore, he saw Adam not need him anymore. Finn’s mind conjured up things that he was never afraid of in the first place, he began to think that Adam would hate him once he came back, he thought that Adam was just being nice and taking care of Finn because he felt bad for him.


Every second Finn spent inside the toxic areas of his mind the worse his fear became until finally he was pulled back into thoughts of his parents. Thoughts of the emotional and physical abuse he was put through since he was very young. He was pulled into thoughts of abandonment and how his parents were never around, how he went to school with kids who had loving parents, how he heard stories from his classmates about how kind and wonderful their parents were.


He was surrounded by images and memories of being beat and burnt, memories of being yelled at and ignored. He saw himself as a child not understanding why his parents didn’t talk to him or each other or why they wouldn’t buy him toys and sweets like the other parents. He saw himself start to understand that his parents hated him and that they didn’t care for him at all. He saw himself get told that he was pathetic and useless and that no one would love him.


Finn saw the day he finally left his house. His parents had told him that if he left he would never be allowed back inside and that he would die all alone on the street because no one would love or even take in a pathetic little boy like himself. Finn saw his mother in front of him laughing at him, reminding him of how she had told him that he would never find someone to love him, reminding him that everyone he loved would leave because that was what people did. They would leave you. Finn cried harder and harder, he couldn’t breath properly and he was now gasping for air.


He continued gasping and tugging at his hair and scratching himself completely unaware of Adam and Jane who had just walked into the hall. Both of them were laughing about someone but the moment they saw Finn on his knees holding himself and shaking they dropped the bags they were carrying and ran over to him. They dropped to their own knees and started talking to Finn, they repeated happy stories and memories to him, they just kept talking to him about the strangest and seemingly useless of things so that they could distract him. They didn’t dare to touch him in fear that he might react violently towards it. Finn hardly heard what they where saying because he was so focused on trying to breath and escape the torturous mind games he was being forced to play. Once he heard Adam voice though he reached out his hand, he reached out for him because even if Adam didn’t love him, Finn loved him.


Finn loved Adam and he needed him even if Adam didn’t feel the same way and right now Finn was scared beyond his understanding and all he could do was reach for the one person that made him feel protected hoping that he would grab hold of him…. and he did. Adam took Finn shivering sweaty hand with both of his and held it to his lips. He squeezed Finn’s hand and kept talking against it. The close proximity with Adam and the loving gesture helped Finn breath a little better and see a little a clearer. Adam, once he saw that Finn was a little calmer, moved closer to him and held his face with his hands so that Finn would focus on him. He continued talking to him about small fun things they had done, he teased Jane and Jane reacted in the way he normally would, Adam talked to Finn about anything he could recall until he stopped crying and shaking.


Once he was relatively calm he focused more on Adam’s eyes and lips more than the words he was saying. Finn was now realizing that Adam was so familiar to him, even the small movements and actions he made was familiar to Finn. Every inch of his face was etched into his memory and Finn never wanted to forget him. Finn was still scared but he was calmer because he was with Adam. Adam and Jane managed to get Finn on his feet and lead him inside the room. Jane went to get him a glass of water while Adam sat with him on the couch still clutching his hand. Finn didn’t say anything and neither did Adam; there was nothing to be said. Once Jane came back with the water and Finn was no longer in his state of shock they asked Finn what happened.


“I- I got scared. s I’m scared about leaving, I can’t be alone for three years. I’ll miss you all too much no I- I’ll break without you there.” Finn had started off addressing Jane as well but was now solely talking to Adam. “I can’t be without you, I need you to help me stay sane.” Finn said. Adam looked at Jane and took a deep breath, instead of telling Finn that Adam too did not want Finn to leave he told him the sensible decision.


“Fi, you don’t need me. I’m here for you but what you need is to be free, you need to escape this world and we’ll all still be here when you come back. You’re strong, you’re so strong Fi and no one else I know can do this. You wont be alone, we’ll all be with you throughout those three years and it’s not like you can’t visit right.”


“Where am I going to get the money to visit you guys from? I’m not going to get Xavier to pay for me any more. I’ll only see you after three years, so much could happen in three years.” Jane had sensed where the conversation might be headed so had gotten up and left the two boys alone. “Something could happen to either of us, you could re-locate, you could forget me.” He whispered the last part.


“Finn I’m never forgetting you, you bring so much joy and happiness to my life do you think I could ever forget you? Fi listen to me okay, I will wait how many ever years I need to wait for you to come back to me whether you come back with someone or not. A lot can happen in three years but I will never forget you I just hope you wont forget me.” Adam said trying not to let his voice waver.


“To forget you would be like forgetting a part of myself, there’s no one I would bring back because,” Finn paused swallowing hard, he knew that once he said this there would be no going back, he knew that saying this would mean never seeing Adam again, “because everything I need, the only person I want and the only person I need is here, right here in front of me.” Finn finally spat out and closed his eyes afraid of Adam’s reaction. There was no sound for a tense few seconds, Finn felt as though his heart about burst out of his ribcage, his mouth dried up and he could feel tears start to form again until he felt a pair of lips pressed against his own.


He didn’t know how but he knew they were Adam’s lips and he melted into the kiss. Adam brought his hands up to Finn’s face and held them and Finn wrapped his hands around Adam’s neck. The tears that were forming in Finn’s eyes fell onto his face and rolled into the conjoined lips. Finn smiled, he smiled because he was finally loved, he had finally found love and he knew this love wouldn’t go away. Their lips moved as one as the world around them dissolved and all their worries were forgotten for the brief moment in time where they were held in each others embrace. Though the kiss only lasted for a few minutes it felt like a lifetime for the two. It was laced with innocent love and pure affection for the other; it was dipped in desperation and need for the others lips, it was infused with the fierce passion they felt for each other. Finally through the taste of the others lips they traveled into a world of their own, one they only ever visited when they were with each other, one that made them happy and content beyond recognition. Finn smiled into the kiss and Adam smiled back.


“Finally oh my god.” They heard Jane yell from the door. Both of them pulled apart with huge smiles on their faces, Finn threw a pillow at Jane while Adam laughed. “Who’s not his boyfriend now huh Fi?”


“Honestly just go to hell.” Finn said hiding his face in his hands. Adam was still laughing because he finally found the person he loved and he got to keep him. Jane walked over to the two of them and informed them that Finn did in fact need to pack for his trip. Though Finn was still leaving, both of them were more at ease as now they were sure of the love they shared, they were sure that the bond they had formed would survive through storms and fire and anything the world threw at them.


Once they had packed up his stuff they were about to leave when Finn once again tried talking to Yuri. He squatted down behind her and talked to the back of her head.


“Yuri I’m leaving now. I love you and I’m sorry you don’t like this but I’ll come back a better me and I’ll be able to help you become a better you as well.” He said, she didn’t reply though and continued to play with an old doll. He sighed and got up, he didn’t want to leave like this but he didn’t know what else he could do. He turned around to face Adam and Jane, who had in the process seen where they lived. Finn and Adam had warned Jane about the state of their house and filled him in on both their situations, which led to Jane whacking Finn and yelling at him for thinking that it mattered in any way to Jane where Finn lived and worked. He shook his head and Adam walked towards him and took Finn’s hand in his own, he kissed Finn’s temple and told him it would be okay. They were about to walk out when Finn felt someone hug his leg.


“I’m still mad at you but I love you too , please be safe and come back quickly.” Yuri said refusing to look at him, she had her entire body pressed against Finn’s right leg. He bent down once again.


“Yuri, I’m sorry. I know I made you angry and you can beat me up for it when I come back but thank you for understanding. I love you baby girl.” He said and engulfed her in a hug and kissed her forehead. Once she let go of him he got up again and walked over to where Adam’s mother lay “I don’t know what to say except thank you for bringing Adam into this world, if it wasn’t for him I would never be where I am now. I don’t even think I’d be alive. I know you probably never even heard me but it was a pleasure to talk to you. Good bye, I’ll be back and we’ll get the medication to treat you.” He said and walked out the door with a final hug for Yuri. Adam grabbed his hand with one hand and one of his bags with the other. Finn was dragging his trolley bag and Jane was walking behind him with the gifts they had bought for him. Finn felt weird now that he had more than a few shirt and few sweatpants and jeans in his possession. Everyone had pitched in to buy the clothes, shoes and essential things Finn along with the accessories and such that Xavier had said were necessary.


“Yah I feel like a third wheel now, guys what the hell?!” Jane yelled from Finn’s other side.


“You’ll have Adam to yourself for three years, let me have him for now.” Finn said laughing.


“Janey I’m going to have to do this for the next three years with you and Xavier shut up.” Adam told him.


“Wow rude.” Jane said but he was laughing as well.


It was a strange sight, three happy teenage boys walking through the dirty, desperation and tragedy filled roads in which Adam and Finn spent almost all their lives in. Once they arrived at the bar, they met Xavier and Finn said goodbye to all his friends who all wished him luck. He got in Xavier’s car along with Harry, Adam and Jane. Upon reaching the airport they filed out of the car and Finn and Xavier said their final goodbyes. Adam now freely kissed Finn to which Harry freaked out and screamed and Jane tried to shut him up (“please there are people here be quiet. Yes they’re together now, shush.”).


“I love you thank you. I’ll see you soon.”


“I love you too Fi, more than the stars and the moon and well life itself. Good luck baby, have fun and come back to me soon.”


With Adam’s final words of goodbye Finn and Xavier left them and went into the check in as Adam watched his brightest star, his deepest ocean, his hottest fire leave for three years. Adam watched him to go not with sad eyes but hopeful ones that were filled with want for his Fi to succeed and become the person he was truly meant to be.



“If one’s love keeps one from the pursuit of their dreams then it is not true love”

~The Alchemist



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