Shattered Crystals- 6

“Fi wake up, its Christmas.” Finn shifted slightly in his sleep due to the disturbance that he later identified as Adam’s voice. “Fi wake up.”


“No” he whined, “what time is it?”


“It’s nine.”


“I’m hoping at night.” Finn said hopefully as he slowly pocked his head out from under the cover.


“No Fi it’s nine in the morning on Christmas day. You’re the one who wanted to spend the day together.” Adam said chuckling softly at the sleepy boy.


“Yah okay I’m up, wait why aren’t you suffering?”




“Ya, you were drunk out of your mind yesterday. Shouldn’t you be suffering from a hangover?”


“Um I was, I woke up a lot earlier because my head was killing me. Apparently Harry is staying across the hall and I saw him when I left the room to see where we were. He gave me some Advil and told me to lay down. I took the medicine and went to bed and woke up feeling great.”


“That’s great, do you remember what happened yesterday?” Finn asked rubbing at his wrists in anticipation.


“Not really, I remember I was competing with Jane to see who could do the most shots and then it’s just a haze of giggling, falling and my feet not touching the floor. Next thing I know I wake up in bed cuddling you.” Adam said laughing.


“Um ya you guys were competing, Jane won by the way” a string of curses left Adam’s mouth when he heard the results “and then you kind of went into kindergartener mode and talked in horrible broken English. I had to carry you up the stairs cause I was sure you would break your head if you tried to come up yourself and I put you to bed and I went to the couch.” Finn finished trying not to blush. Adam hugged Finn saying thank you.


“But wait, if you were on the couch how did you end up here?” Adam asked pulling back and smirking.


“Um you had a bad dream so when I came to see what happened you asked me to stay.” Finn was the one who was smirking now at Adam’s embarrassed face.


“Oh well thank you Fi.” Adam yelled smothering Finn in another bear hug. He was just about to pull away when the door opened and Harry walked in.

“Well good morning love birds. Am I interrupting something?” he asked whistling, a mischievous smile gracing his face and a glint in his eyes.


“Dude stop.” Both Adam and Finn said simultaneously looked at each other and giggled.


“Geez you guys are gross but not as gross as Xavier and Jane, speaking of them Xavier said he was taking all of us for breakfast.”


“I don’t exactly have any clothes other than t-shirts and jeans and even those are worn out.” Finn said and Adam nodded his head.


“What happened to your suits from last night?”


“It’s probably disgusting and sweaty.”


“You’re right. Okay well just get out of your morning haze and come down we’ll decide what to do later.” Harry said walking out.


“Fi we need to go home and tell Yuri we’re okay. She’ll worry her little head.”


“I’ll ask . You should go get ready.”


“I already have, I woke up about an hour before I woke you and I was just sitting in silence.”


“Oh you should have woken me, I could have kept you company.”


“It’s okay Fi, I like silence. Go get ready now.”


“Okay.” With that Finn walked to the washroom.


He came back approximately fifteen minutes later and they walked downstairs together.


“Hey there lightweight.” Jane’s voice hollered. “And lightweights boyfriend.”


“I am not a lightweight you munchkin.” Adam said pointing his finger right in Jane’s face.


“And I’m not his boyfriend.” Finn called out from behind him.


“Sure you aren’t.” Jane said to both of them.


“Actually babe you both passed out at the same time, you just had half a shot more.” Xavier said from his seat while chuckling at the scene unfolding.


“You’re supposed to stand up for me not rat me out.” Jane said turning to her boyfriend hands folded and pout forming.


“Sorry baby, next time.” Xavier said leaning forward to kiss her forehead.


“Oh my god guys get a room.” Finn yelled startling the couple. Jane and Finn started squabbling while Harry walked over to Xavier and they were quietly observing Adam, who was watching every movement Finn made, he was listening to every word he said even though it was mostly nonsense.


Adam was more captivated by Finn with each passing second and he would be content to sit and watch him do the most mundane of things for all eternity. Adam had incurably fallen in love with the raven haired, slightly tanned beauty sitting in front of him named Finn.


Both Xavier and Harry were watching him with careful eyes. They turned to each other and smiled knowing that Finn had finally found the person who would love and take care of him more than they could. They were both his brothers but there were some things only a lover could provide, there was a kind of love so special and limited to the capability of a lover. They knew Adam would take care of him even with the little that he had and they knew Adam would love him with every inch and fiber of his being.


Adam kept watching him, in his eyes Finn was ethereal, he was a gorgeous specimen crafted carefully by god himself with the utmost care and specification. Adam adored Finn’s hazel eyes that seemed to melt like chocolate in the sunlight, he loved the way Finn’s hair would sometimes fall into his eyes and he would shake his head to get it out of the way. He loved that Finn would scrunch up his nose when it itched. He found it adorable how shy Finn would get when Yuri would be affectionate to him and cuddle him or hug him or god forbid kiss him, the one time Yuri kissed him Finn had frozen up and couldn’t stop smiling and giggling. Adam constantly watched him when he wasn’t looking, he noticed the small gestures Finn would make, the things he was afraid of, the things he loved, the things he found comfort in, Adam noticed everything and he stored it all in the back of his mind ready to use.


Aside from the sheer physical allure of Finn, Adam noticed how caring he was and how he was, even though it wasn’t obvious, constantly thinking of others. Adam saw that he would slide pieces of his food to Yuri when he thought there wasn’t enough on her plate. Adam knew how much he cared for Yuri just from the fact that he never refused her anything, even when he was exhausted he would play with her. He would try and change her hair every day. He did everything and anything he could to make her laugh. He did everything Adam usually had to do and took some of his burden. Adam saw the way he would talk to Adam’s mother every morning even though he knew she couldn’t respond to him. Finn would just sit near her bed and chat to her aimlessly about something that made him happy or some funny story Jane had told him.


Adam saw how Finn’s eyes would soften every time they were around Jane, he saw the strong bond the two of them shared. Even though they were constantly teasing each other they were close, they were like siblings and Finn, even with the little he had took care of Jane and made sure she was happy. As far as Adam could tell Finn was always there for Jane when she needed him. Finn had been an ear for Jane and a shoulder. He was always there to listen to her and give her advice, he was always there to make sure Jane didn’t go through anything alone. Adam could see how insecure Jane was and Finn never gave up a chance to compliment Jane on something or the other, he would always tell Jane off if Jane put herself down. Finn was like a younger and older brother squashed into one just for Jane.


Finn was always by Xavier’s side if needed, he would check up on Xavier to see whether he slept properly or if he worked the night away again. He loved Xavier like he would love a father, Xavier was the one who saved him from the streets, he was the one who gave Finn a place to work and therefore food to eat, he was the one who led to Finn finding his friends. Finn would gladly place his life down to keep Xavier safe. He could see before anyone when Xavier needed a break, when he was tired or when he was hurting from carrying such a huge burden on himself while he was young. Finn saw right through Xavier’s tough guy act and made him comfortable. If it wasn’t for Finn Xavier and Jane would never have found each other and that would have been disastrous for both.


Harry seemed like the happiest person you would ever meet but everyone has their bad days and he had terrible days when nothing helped, nothing other than Finn. He would always be a shoulder for Harry cry on and an ear to listen. He would always be there when Harry needed to bitch or yell or let out his frustration. Finn would sit with him and listen to him yell and bitch and agree with him. Finn would re-assure him over and over of how talented and good looking he was, how nice and caring he was. Finn would hold him while he cried. Finn would always be there for Harry.


Finn was sweeter than sugar to his fellow workers, he knew how much life sucked and he tried to be a light in their lives. He would let them complain to him and help them the best he could and never ask for anything in return.


Finn was every ones golden boy and they all loved him but they all knew how shy and insecure he was. They knew how stubborn he was and how much of an asshole he could be when he wanted to be. They all knew Finn had his bad days along with his good but they were all prepared to wait them out with him.


The entire club knew about Finn’s talent in dancing and they wanted him to learn more and become better and hopefully get somewhere with it so they started their own fund, they put in whatever they could spare into a box they kept aside so that they could send the boy to learn. They never told him about it though, they knew that if Finn found out he would tell them to take the money back and stop doing it and if they couldn’t pull it off they would have just raised Finn’s expectations unnecessarily so they kept it a secret from him until they were sure they had enough to send him for classes.


“Guys if you’re done, we’ll be late for breakfast.” Xavier said breaking up Jane and Finn and dragging Adam out of his thoughts.


“Where are we going?” Jane asked walking back over to Xavier.


“My house.”


“Why are we going to your house?” Harry asked.


“To eat dimwit, I have a chef and he makes great food.”


“Well okay then, I didn’t know that asshole.” Harry said sticking his tongue out at Xavier, grabbing Finn and Adam by the hands and leading them out to where Xavier’s car was. The ride to Xavier’s house was anything but quiet with all three Harry, Jane and Adam in the same place. The three of them could not keep their mouths closed and talked and talked while Xavier was talking quietly to Finn about something. Adam noticed that with each word that left Xavier’s lips the happier Finn got. Once they got there Xavier led them into the dining room and they were served breakfast, much fancier than any of them had ever had. The boys savored the taste and to Adam and Finn who mainly only had bread and occasionally some spread it tasted like pure heaven. At the end of breakfast once the conversation had died down, Xavier decided to make his announcement.


“So I have something to say.”


“Are you going to propose to Janey?” Adam asked loudly


“Shut up Adam.” Both Jane and Xavier said simultaneously “Anyway what I was going to say is regarding Finn.” A silence settled over the room and everyone was now in attention. “Finn will not be working at the club anymore and neither will he be living with Adam.” As soon as he made the proclamation shouts broke out over the table from all members present, Xavier let them make some noise before speaking again. “Will you all just let me finish, Jane sent me a video of Fi dancing in front of his store and I sent it to a dance academy, one in America and they have accepted him, his first year will be free because they feel his talent is extreme but the next two will be payed and Finn stop worrying I will be paying for it.”


“A-America?” Finn choked out.


“Yes America, don’t worry I’ll be there with you for as long as you need me there.” There was nothing said for a while until Finn erupted and launched himself at Xavier. He didn’t say anything but you could hear him crying and laughing and soon they were all laughing happy that at last the precious boy they all cared for so much was going to get a life.



“Thank you. I love you and I will pay the money back.” Finn said still holding onto Xavier.


“Xavier we at the club have been saving up to send him somewhere too can we give you that money and can you add that to his fund.” Harry said piping up.


“Actually we’ve been saving up too.” Jane said. “It’s not much but Ady came up with the idea after the first few times Fi danced in front of him.”


“No, I’m paying for his tuition but you guys should get him the supplies he’ll need to travel there and shoes and things with that money.” Xavier said.


While they discussed the best ways to split the money and get Finn what he needed, the boy concerned was now crying worse than before, his heart filled up with love and gratitude towards his friends, no they were his family. His eyes were gushing with water and his heart was gushing with affection until he could no longer stand. He sat down, held his head and cried for how lucky he was to have people who cared so much about him. His friends noticed how hard it had hit him and surrounded him, they enveloped him in a hug and held him until he stopped crying.



“Do you like your Christmas gift Fi?” Xavier asked him when he and Ady where leaving.


“Yes, I loved it. Thank you.”


“You’re welcome kid, be safe and merry Christmas.”


“Merry Christmas bye.”


Adam and Finn walked back to their home together and Finn couldn’t stop talking about how excited he was about the school and how thankful he was. Adam while he was excited for Finn he couldn’t wrap his mind around not being with Finn for three years. He would not be able to hold him, he won’t be able to look at his face or hug him, sleep with him, complain to him and laugh and cry with him. Adam’s heart was torn in two. He was overjoyed that the love of his life will finally get what he deserves and that he would be happy but he was also hurting because he didn’t want to let go of the best thing that had ever happened to him. Adam felt like crying but he knew he couldn’t. He knew that if there was one thing that would hurt Adam more than Finn leaving was Finn not being happy and this school, this opportunity he is receiving would help Finn become who he was meant to be, would help him reach his full potential and it would save him.


Adam wanted to be the one to do that; he wanted to be the one to be able to save Finn from himself and this horrible world but he realized that there is only so much he can do, he realized that by letting Finn go he would be setting him free but that did not mean Adam would forget him or that he would let him out of his heart. Finn was, is and forever will be his love and he doesn’t want to let that feeling go. Adam holds his tongue and laughs with Finn and tells him how happy he is for him. Adam holds back his tears and his feeling so that the one he loves will get what he deserves, happiness.


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