I’m so highly confused as to why choice is something that leads to a conflict between people. Choice is a right given to someone regardless of where they are from and regardless of their situation.

Choice is not something that can be picked and chosen by other people, it belongs to you and you alone. No one, not your parents, not your teachers, friends or partners can take away your choice.

Don’t misunderstand me and think that choice is a privilage, no it’s a responsibilty that is put upon a person the very first time they make a choice for themselves. The first time a person decides between wrong or right they have been given the responsiblity or rather the responsibilty behind a choice has been thrust on them.

The responsiblity that comes with being an active member of scoiety, the responsiblity that comes with being a person that can think and make decisions for themselves is the highest one can receive.

This responsibility is the one which keeps us from hurting others even though we are very much given the choice(though not legally). This responsibility is what keeps the humanity within a person intact.

A very obvious situation where the choice of a person has been taken away from them and the responsibilty of a choice has been ignored is rape. Everyone knows rape is wrong, everyone preaches about it and yet the first question people generally ask is “what was the victim wearin?” “where were they?” “what was the situation?”.

Yes I am saying victim and not girl because there are boys, we overlook thm but there are boys who have been subjected to the same kind of illtreatment.

For some strange reason there is a thought in this world that the situation makes it okay to strip someone of their right to say no.

NO MEANS NO. Regardless of the state of the victim, what they’re wearing and who they are. No is a word with no other connotation behind it, if a person says no then you have to stop whatever it is you are doing. There is no situation under which taking away someones right is allowed.

If the victim is drunk, dressed in less clothing, living alone, asleep and even if they ‘look like they wanted it’ you have no right to make a choice for them.

Choice is a right given to everyon at birth and choice is a right that is often mistreated.

The sad part of this is that there are people who are so very educated, so very involved in the workings of our society and even then they think that choice belongs to the powerful. Even these educated members of society think that choice is a privilage not a responsibility and that the victim is to blame.


Even if the victim is a sex worker, if they say no then that is it. There is no other person  who posseses the right to continue as they please if CONSENT HAS NOT BEEN CLEARLY GIVEN. If the person is unconscious, asleep or intoxicated then consent has not been given and that is a red light indication to stop.

There will be people, undoubtadly, who I converse with everyday who think along the lines of ‘they asked for it.’ ‘it’s his/her fault for dressing, walking or talking in that way.’ even if they do not voice their thoughts, the disagreement is clearly present on their faces. There are people in my school, students and teachers who I make daily conversation with, people in my oh so prestigious society and even people in my family.

The kind of people who refuse to adress issues like this and teach to not only our youth but also our older generations because “it is not appropriate” are those who are sheltered and these kinds of people are taking part in paving the way for a future of twisted individuals.

I beleive schools should explicitly adress these issues, workplaces should have informative workshops for these issues of choice. There should be talks and speaches given at relegious and socially popular places.

All I wish is that more people would understand that even though the life we lead and the choices we make is ours and ours only, we are still connected to other people and the choices we make affect others.

Our connection do not define us, what we wear, our backround and where we studied, what we talk about, watch or drink. None of these things define us in any way. What defines us are our choices, our mentality and willingness to assist and help is what defines us.

//Spilled Ink//


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