Shattered Crystals- 5

5:15pm- Christmas Eve


It was Christmas Eve and the boys were just walking back from Jane’s together. They were idly chatting about how bad Jane was at hiding how head over heals she is for Xavier and hickeys.


“ I’m back.” Finn sang as he waltzed into the shop.


“Fi, I missed you. Where Ady?”


“Janey, I’ve missed you so much. Fi’s so mean to me.” Adam proclaimed loudly as he walked in and draped himself over his best friend, something Adam thought he would never have but Adam and Jane clicked almost instantly.


“Fi how could you be mean to this marshmallow.” Jane scolded Finn playfully while she patted Adam’s head.


“I didn’t do anything. He’s just being dramatic.” Finn said pouting in the corner.


“Aww Fi don’t be sad.” Adam and Jane said at the same time and picked up Finn in their hug. Finn shed his fake pout and smiled, he melted into the warmth of his two closest friends. It didn’t last for long though.


“Jane what’s on your neck?” Adam yelled as he bounced back.


“What neck?” Jane spluttered out and instinctively brought her hand up to her neck.


“Oh my god there’s another one, on her collarbone.” Finn yelled this time.


Both boys jumped on Jane and pinned her to the ground to inspect her neck.


“Oh my god, look at all these hickeys. I knew they were fucking.”


“Shut up Fi.”


“Janey, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. What the hell man?”


“Guys shut up and get off me.”


“No way you will first tell us how and when you got those.” Finn said from atop of Jane who he was now straddling. Adam was next to him holding Jane’s hands down to look at his neck when he looked up and saw the position they were in. Adam even though he had been trying to not let his feelings show there was no way that he wasn’t jealous.


“Ya um Fi get off her, let’s hear her out.” He said as calmly as possible, he very much wanted to rip Finn off of Jane but he maintained his composure.


“Okay.” Finn replied still cheery as he got off and sat on the floor in front on Jane. Adam sat down next to Jane and waited for the girl to talk.


“So Xavier and I are dating.” Jane offered unhelpfully.


“We know that idiot.” Adam said pointedly.


“No you don’t, I didn’t tell you and I know Xavier didn’t either.”


“Jane you talk about him all day, everyday and you’ve been more touchy feely with each other since that day I locked you guys in. You guys are like really bad at hiding you’re relationship.”


“Shut up, you’re a kid you don’t know anything.”


“Janey it’s kind of obvious. I get why you didn’t tell Fi, I mean he is a kid but c’mon man we’re bros. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” Adam said.


“Dude, don’t be mean.”


“Sorry Fi but seriously Jane, when did you do it?”


“We didn’t do it, Jesus Christ.”


“Then how did you get so many hickeys? Are you with someone else?”


“What no! No no no no no.” Jane spat out.


“Okay so you’re not being an asshole, so how did you get those?”


“Um.” Jane said, which sounded more like a question to the other two, while hiding her face in her hands.


“I knew it.”


“Shut up.”


“Why are you so embarresed? Like it’s pretty obvious you both are totally in love.”


“He told me he wouldn’t do it until I was sure I loved him. He said it was special, he said that I was special and he didn’t want me to do anything I would regret.” Jane informed them with a faraway look in her eyes.


“Janey that’s so adorable but you are in love with him right.” Adam said as he walked over to her and wrapped his hand around Jane.


“I think so Ady but he’s, he’s so powerful and rich and handsome. Ady he’s so handsome, he’s practically perfection. He’s so nice and caring even though he has such a hard and cold exterior, he’s such a wonderful person and he cares, he cares for people so much. Last time we went out, there was a kid and her father, the dad had his leg wrapped up in a makeshift cast and the girl was unbearably thin, she was snuggled up to her father. No one would notice them, they were inside a shadow in a corner but Xavier did and he went over to them. He gave them his jacket and he told me to wait on the street and he ran over to a grocery store nearby and bought tones of food and he gave it to the child and father. After he left the food and jacket he turned to leave. He had told me to wait outside in the light but I had to give something so I gave the little girl the lollipop I had in my pocket. When I had come out Xavier was mad at first when I asked him what happened, he told me that the reason he told me to stay outside was because he was worried someone might attack me in there but he hugged me right after and apologized for being mad. I don’t deserve him.” Jane was sniffing softly.


“Oh Janey, Xavier is a wonderful person but you are too. You don’t have as much as Xavier and you still gave to that little girl. You didn’t judge Fi when he told you he was an orphan. You accepted me even though I told you I was homeless. Janey you’re a great person and you deserve him just as much as he deserves you.” Adam said softly.


He remembered clearly breaking down in front of Jane when they were talking about something and Jane said something about the old buildings in the area he lived in being torn down. He cried and only stopped after a good amount of time during which Jane held him and didn’t ask a single question. Later he told Jane about his situation at home but not about the brothel. Adam knew Jane and he knew she was a good person with a huge heart who wanted nothing but the best for other people.


“Jane, he’s right there’s no one Xavier wants to be with besides you. You can trust me on this, I know the man inside and out and he’s never opened up to anyone except Harry and me. Now that he found you he’s smiling more often and he hardly talks about anything else.”


Jane was sniffling softly but she was smiling, the truth was that Jane saw the world in Xavier, Jane thought he was gorgeous, powerful, talented and over all she knew Xavier was a good person. While Jane thought she didn’t deserve Xavier, Xavier thought the same of Jane. Xavier thought that Jane was the sun, the stars and everything below and above. Xavier felt that a grouch like himself wasn’t deserving of the embodiment of happiness and sunshine that was Jane Anders. He thought, no he knew that Jane was kind, loving and had the biggest heart he had seen. To Xavier Jane’s smile overthrew even Harry’s, who had the biggest, most happiest smile he had ever seen. They both loved the other but didn’t feel like they deserved the other.


“Thanks guys, that means a lot to me.” Jane said.


“Aww come here, group hug.” Adam said pulling both Finn and Jane into a hug.


“Yah Ady I can’t breath.” Jane said laughing with her best friends.


They left Jane after a while to go to work and the conversation shifted and flowed with the ease of a river until it came to one topic.


“It’s Christmas eve.” Finn said looking at the floor.


“Ya, our first one together.”




“Hey don’t worry we’ll be together in the morning.”


“But we won’t, we’ll be sleeping in the morning and Xavier said I would have to come in early because the club is gonna be super busy.”


“We’ll still be together Fi, even if we are sleeping we can just grab Yuri and squash her in bed with us.” Adam said all this simply to make Finn feel better, in truth his heart was hurting since all he wanted to do was roam the brightly lit streets at night with the boy he loved. That hurt him even more, the fact that he couldn’t tell Finn how he felt. The fact that if he did he would lose the bright light Finn had brought to his life. Adam tried his best to keep his smile on and be cheerful for Finn’s sake.


“That sounds comfy.” Finn said a small smile slowly slipping onto his face. “ It’s freezing.” Finn said rubbing his hands together.


“Here I’ll lend you some warmth if you promise to keep the smile on your face.” And before Adam even knew what he was doing he had slipped his hand into Finn’s. There was a slight crimson creeping up his neck but he intertwined his fingers with Adam’s and smiled.


“I promise.”


Adam once again dropped Finn off at the door to the club and said goodbye. Finn walked in with flushed cheeks from the cold and a huge smile on his face.


“Did Ady ask you out?” Harry yelled over the counter. Some customers looked at him with annoyance but most were already at six pm too drunk to care.


“What? No! What’s wrong with you, he’s my friend.”


“No you both love each other but you’re both too stupid and stubborn to realize it. Actually I take that back, I’m pretty sure Adam knows he loves you but he’s just afraid to tell you. I mean it’s pretty clear from the way he looks at you.”


“Please just shut up. Where’s Amber?” he asked.


“I have no idea, I haven’t seen her all day.”


“Well I’m going to go change, I’ll see you in a minute.”


Finn had fallen into his rhythm at work again completely unaware of his plotting friends. Xavier had been to Adam’s brothel and had demanded that he be let off from work by twelve o’clock. Xavier being the powerful man he was got what he wanted when he wanted it and he gave Adam instructions to get dressed and to show up at his club at ten past twelve, dressed and ready to surprise Finn. Adam had been ecstatic at the news and smothered Xavier before realizing whom he was hugging and backed away muttering apologies.


Once he was back at the club Xavier informed Harry and Amber who had arrived a bit later that five to twelve the club should be cleared of people. He then took off to Jane’s shop to invite her to the club as well.


11:15pm- Christmas Eve


“Fi, order up.” Harry yelled out “The table with the hipsters.” He said in his ear once he was close enough. Finn snorted out a laugh and left with the drinks.


“Where’s Xavier ?”


“I do not know. He said he would be back by twelve, oh speaking of twelve he told me to tell you to shower and change into the clothes layed out in his private room. He said after twelve it’s formal and not for stinky drunks. Shit I need to close the back door, you know the one through which our usuals come through, clear the place and light up the front. You’re gonna be serving people in suits while wearing a suit tonight man.”


“Fun.” Finn muttered while rolling his eyes and putting the tray down to get dressed.


Not too long after Finn had gone, Harry and the rest of the employees had cleared out the place and switched on the Christmas lights.


11:45pm- Christmas Eve


Xavier walked in at quarter to twelve his hand intertwined with Jane’s. “Nice work Harry, didn’t think you could pull it off.”


“Oh haha , you’re so funny.” Harry retorted faking laughter, he then turned to Jane with a bright smile plastered on to his face. “Hi you must be Jane, my name’s Harry.”


“Hi, I know who you are, Xavier keeps complaining that you’re too happy and you smile too bright but to be honest he’s just grouchy.” Jane said laughing and kissing Xavier’s cheek. Though Xavier pretended to smirk and act not affected he was trying hard not to blush and squeal. Harry on the other hand had no problem in doing just that.


“You guy’s are so cute, Xavier hung doesn’t stop talking about you either.”


“Okay can we stop this now? Harry go get in your suit. Tell the others as well.” Xavier said interrupting before he could be embarrassed any further.


“Yes boss, see you later Janey.”


12:00am- Christmas day


Finn had walked into a black bar, the only lights coming from the Christmas lights, though it didn’t remain that way for long for when he stepped over the employee line into the main bar area the place lit up and he saw his friends and co-workers standing before him. Finn’s eyes welled up with tears as he looked at them all.


“Merry Christmas Fi. Why are you crying?” Jane said. Xavier had rushed forward to see what was wrong.


“No-nothing , I’ve never celebrated Christmas with people who I love before.” He sniffled.


“Finn you’re spending Christmas with your family this time, your real one.” Xavier said pulling him in for a hug. Finn’s face was overcome with a smile and his eyes were overflowing with tears.


“Christmas is a fun time, stop crying and lets partay.” Harry yelled out from behind the pair.


“You finally got something right.” Finn said laughing and wiping his tears off running to the room.


12:15am-Christmas day


“Where is that punk? He was supposed to be here five minutes ago, Finn keeps looking at the door and I know his heart is breaking since he isn’t here.” Xavier ranted to Harry since Jane was stuck to Finn.


“He’ll be here don’t worry and then you can get your girlfriend back.”


“Shut up.” Xavier sneered.


“There he is.” Harry pointed out.


“About time.”


Xavier walked to Finn and turned him away from Adam’s direction so he wouldn’t spot him and started talking to him. Adam came up right behind him and back hugged him startling Finn until he heard Adam’s voice. When he heard his voice Finn’s heart leaped and his stomach erupted. His cheeks flushed and his body heat rose and his smile became wider and brighter. Adam’s touch sent chills through his body, wherever his hand lay the skin tingled and when the contact was lost he felt incomplete.


“Maybe Harry was right.” Finn thought.


“Merry Christmas Finn.”



3:30am- Christmas day


“Hey.” Finn said as he walked over to Adam.


“Hey Fi.” He slurred out, completely drunk.


“Woah there, how much did you drink?”


“Just a.” he hiccups “Just a little bit.” Another hiccup. He was draped over Finn now.


“Okay, we should probably go home now.” Finn said laughing at his drunken friend.


“No Fi, Ady want to party.” He threw his hands up and fell down almost instantly.


“We need to go home. Don’t you want to sleep in the nice comfy bed with Yuri?”


“No Ady want to party. Whoo!” Adam stated from the ground.


“You can’t walk through the streets with him like this. Stay here tonight.” Xavier said looking equally worried about the shorter orange head on his back.


“Thank you , what are you going to do about Jane ?”


“Um I guess I’ll take her home.”


“Which home?”


“Mine.” He said looking anywhere but Finn’s face.


“Good choice. She’ll like that.” Finn said smiling fondly at Xavier.


“Bye Fi, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas beginning.” Xavier said as he dialed a number into his phone.


“Thank you so much , it was more than I could ever ask for or expect. I love you, take care.” Finn said happy, grateful tears brimming his eyes.


“Yah Finn don’t go around saying things like that, I’m the tough businessman that everyone’s scared of remember.” Xavier said smiling and walked past the boy after ruffling his hair.


“C’mon let’s go up.” Finn said looking down at Adam.


“Go up where? Are we going to heaven, Fi I don’t want to die I have so much left to do.” Adam said in shock. He jumped up and grabbed Finn’s hand. “Finn I have too much to do, I still have to figure out whether aliens exist, I have to find out what makes your hair so soft and how Jane downed more shots than me. I need to find Harry a girlfriend and I have to witness Xaviane wedding. I have to tell you something very important. I can’t die now.” Adam wailed.


“You’re not dying Ady, we’re going to the room upstairs and who’s xaviane?”


“Xavier and Jane obviously. I’m not dying oh thank god for that.” Adam said looking much more relieved.


“What was that important thing you had to tell me?” Finn asked trying not to sound too paranoid.


“What important thing? Oh ya that, I don’t remember.” Adam said stumbling away from Finn. Finn groaned and jogged to catch up to him.


“Okay fine let’s go to bed.” He said trying to get him up the stairs but failing miserably.


“Stairs are incredibly mean Fi, who even though it was a good idea to make these things.” Adam said from the ground where he had planted himself once again.


“C’mon, I’ll carry you up.” Finn bent down to pick up the older boy onto his back. Finn was thin and admittedly he wasn’t the most fit of people but he did get food at the club and he was nowhere as fragile as Adam, Finn always wondered how he managed to carry Finn back to their house the day he was crying on the street. Adam had gleefully jumped onto Finn’s back yelling piggyback. Finn grunted at the sudden weight but proceeded to carry him up. Unknown to him Harry had just filled his gallery with pictures of them in his words being undeniably cute and cuddly.


Finn managed to get them both up the stairs and through the door to the room they would be using and practically threw Adam off his back unable to carry his weight any more though very light. Finn turned to look at Adam who was sleeping soundly thus the lack of noise. Finn shook his head and took off his shoes and the blazer that Xavier no doubt made him adorn. He contemplated weather he should take off the belt and he decided to do it. He blushed throughout the process of removing his belt and tie. Finn then positioned him in a way that he would be comfortable while he himself went to change into what he had worn when he came to the club. After changing himself and switching off the lights he went over to couch to lay down when he heard Adam whimper from the bed. “Please don’t go, please we need you. I can’t do this alone please don’t go.” Finn got up and went over to his side to figure out what was wrong.


“Are you okay?” no reply, he shook Adam once more “,what’s wrong?” Adam stirred slightly and barely opened his eye.




“I’m here. What happened?”


“Ba-bad dream, it’s okay. I’m alright.”


“Are you sure?” Finn asked unconvinced. Adam simply nodded. “Okay then sweat dreams.” Finn said getting off the bed.


“Can you- can you sleep with me please? I don’t dream as bad when you’re here.” Adam said in barely a whisper.


“Of-of course.” Finn replied and got under the covers with him. Adam threw a hand over the others waist and snuggled close next to him.


Finn was a red tomato like mess and he was so grateful for the lights being off and Adam being drunk.


Adam smiled into Finn’s shoulder onto which he was pressed and just maybe he wasn’t that drunk.



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