Shattered Crystals- 4

The boys spent increasing amounts of time with each other after Finn moved in with Adam. After the initial breakdown Finn faced when he realized that he finally had a home, which left them both in tears.


“Welcome home Fi. I’ll go find Yuri.” Adam said with the most animated grin and wandered off to find the child.


Finn hadn’t moved an inch from the moment the word ‘Home’ left Adam’s lips. Home was something he never had, a completely foreign concept to him. His last home had been destructive and a place he wished more than anything to stay away from but now he had people who cared about him and were willing to share even the little food they had. He had someone who needed him as much as he needed the other. He had a place to sleep and he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone trying to take advantage of him or getting hypothermia from the bare wind in the night. Finn hadn’t noticed the tears that had formed in his eyes and were threatening to spill. He didn’t notice his knees buckling and the fact that he was now on the floor. He was so enthralled and in love with the idea of having home, a place to which he can come back to, he couldn’t have noticed Adam enter the room and upon seeing Finn on the floor run to him.


“Fi, what happened? Are you okay? What happened? Fi please tell me what happened, please stop crying. Please.” Adam said to him and as he once again wrapped his hands around Finn trying to calm him down, trying to get him to talk.


“I’m okay these are happy tears. Don’t worry.” Finn replied once he got over his shock. “I’ve never had a home before, this is new to me and you-you said you needed me. No ones ever wanted me forget needing me before. Thank-you.”


The boys stayed on the ground wrapped up in each other, forgetting the existence of all else. Ever since they came into each others lives, they felt fierce need to protect each other and felt protected, needed and more than anything wanted.


“A group hug. Why didn’t you call me?” Yuri yelled walking into the room and jumping on the two boys and all three of them tumbled to the floor.


After the events of the first day, the boys fell into an easy system where they would wake each other up or Yuri would wake them up and they would have breakfast with her and Adam’s mother who Finn had only seen during breakfast as they sit around her mattress when they eat so they can all be together then they would escape into the city and visit Jane, usually Finn would dance and Adam would watch. Adam believed he got better as the days went on and more beautiful as well. They would sometimes get lunch with Jane and listen to her gossip. One such day brought life to Fidick.


“So he was on the skateboard right and he was trying to show this girl that he was better than her when she had just slayed the entire ramp, she was definitely better than him, anyway back to the point, he was trying to show her up but then he got arrogant so he wasn’t watching where he was going, so he fell” using wild hand motions Jane narrated the story “like splat right on his face and everyone laughed cause he had just been teasing her and telling everyone he was the best but the girl, she was so nice. She went to ask him if he was okay and I guess it was because he was angry or embarrassed but he lifted his hand at her but he didn’t get a chance to bring it down because right then there was a golden light and out stepped the most..” Jane couldn’t continue her fairytale like narration of the savior due to Finn’s interruption and a very convenient hand on Jane’s mouth.


“He’s talking about Xavier.” Finn told Adam who was amusingly watching the two of them. “Did you lick me?! You’re disgusting.” Finn yelled as he snatched his hand away from Jane’s mouth.


“How did you know it was Xavier?” Shee asked ignoring Finn’s proclamation of disgust.


“Whenever you tell a story and you start over exaggerating someone’s entry it’s Xavier.” Finn stated and Jane pouted. Adam was laughing while watching the exchange.


“Anyway so this gorgeous man appears in a neatly pressed, buttoned looking powerful and authoritative and grabs the idiots hand and tells him in the calmest yet scariest voice that if he ever again even dared to lay a hand on a girl simply for being better than him, he would have to deal with Suga-X and this dude who’s taller and wider that Xavier just runs for it.” She seemed to be getting increasingly excited as he went on.


“So I’m sitting on a ramp watching this glorious moment in time unfold when he looks around and sees me. Locks eyes with me and told me to come with him. So me being the cool person I am jumped off the ramp an-” she was cut off once again.


“Yah don’t lie, Xavier told me everything. You fell off the ramp backwards and after you got up, there were leaves in your hair and you fell on him while you were running to catch up with him. He thought you pushed him down on purpose, don’t worry I told him you tripped over your own feet.” Finn looked so smug and Jane was hiding her face in her hands.


“You’re evil you know that but ya I embarrassed myself in front of the man I have a crush on. He probably thinks I’m an idiot and wants nothing to do with me. Did you have anything to do with him picking me up?”


“Yup, I heard he was going that way and I knew you were at the ramp and well I asked him to pick you up.”


“Yah Fi why would you do that and not even warn me. You know how I look when I go to the skate park, horrible.”


“So like usual then.” Adam said.


“Yah not you too, we’re supposed to be brothers man. Same age and everything.”


“You do know that you’re a girl right.” Adam said.


“That has nothing to do with our brotherhood.”


Adam had grown close to Jane fast and being of the same age helped a lot. Jane was fun and kind and they became close fast.


“Just to let you know, he doesn’t think you’re an idiot. He thought you were pretty cute actually.” Jane sprung out of her seat like a jack in a box and spit her water out at Finn. “Ew what the hell.” Finn exclaimed jumping out of his own seat as well. The only one left sitting was Adam who was in tears from laughing so much.


“That’s what you get for lying to me.”


“I was telling the truth, he told me you were cute and stuff and then he was like ‘ah I probably don’t even have a chance, what would a sweet, kind, hot kid like that do with a powerful asshole like me’” Finn imitated Xavier as well as he could and it was very accurate.


“No. Fucking. Way he said that.”


“He did and then I said ‘seriously, she’s been crushing on you for like a year now.’ and he laughed and told me to shut up and stop lying.”


“You did what?” Jane looked like she was going to kill Finn.


“What nothing, I didn’t do anything.” Finn realized his mistake and tried covering it up and slowly sneaking away.


“Finn Jacob, I can’t believe you. You have now earned the right to be called Finndick.”


“I helped you’re slow and pathetic love life, don’t call me Finndick.”


“Shut up you ass, I’ll never see him again. Why must my life be damned with this asshole.” Jane got on her knees and raised her hands to the heavens “Oh lord up in heaven why did you have to bestow this human embodiment of Satan upon me, is it because of my good looks? I guess everyone must have a curse and you” she was pointing at a pouting Finn now who was standing near a laughing Adam who was on the floor “you are my curse Finndick. I will find a way to return you to hell don’t worry.”


Only when she was done with her speech did she notice the man in the sleek black and white suit at the door. Jane’s mouth opened and she swore up and down that she could have cried at that moment. Following Jane’s gaze, Finn and Adam both turned their heads only for Adam to laugh louder and Finn to smirk. He turned to Jane again and his smirk widened before turning back to Xavier and walking towards him.


“Hey, how long you been here?” he asked once he got next to Xavier.


“Um- long enough to know that other people think that you’re the spawn of hell as well.”


“Dude that’s not nice,” he turned to look at Adam “even after I basically fixed these two up they’re still rude to me. Can you believe them?” he asked Adam looking exasperated.


Both concerned members of the pairing spluttered at the same time and tried to kill Finn, who ran and hid behind Adam who was finally standing.


“Beside , you only came to pick me up cause I told you I was going to Jane’s shop but Ady and I can walk, why don’t you guys get to know each other. Bye.” He grabbed the keys for the store from the counter, Adam’s hand and ran out. Before either party could react he closed and locked the door. “You can leave once you love each other.” He took Adam’s hand and pulled him away from the shop and walked back home.


That night while Finn was working there was a call for him at the bar phone.


“Hello, who’s this?” Finn asked as he got the phone.


“Hey Finndick, come open this door.”


“Xavier? You guys are still there?”


“What do you think? You never showed up to let us out.”


“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I’m coming right now.”


“Okay Finndick, hurry the fuck up.”


“Wait what did you… he hung up on me.”


Thus the birth of Finndick and Xaviane. The name stuck between his friends and Xavier and Jane had according to Finn got together in the music store when in reality they had just gotten really hot so they shed a few layers and talked about everything and nothing and well them.


The boys would now visit Jane every other day and sometimes Xavier would accompany them. They would head to work after their visit, Adam would drop Finn off and he would in turn wait for Adam to come so they could leave for home together. Neither felt lonely anymore, neither felt sad nor scared. They would eat together in the mornings, take turns playing with Yuri or do it together, they would talk about their problems, discuss their friends and often they would just lay down or sit next to each other in complete silence, taking comfort and happiness simply from the fact that the other was beside them. What neither noticed was how fast they were becoming attached, how fast the warmth they felt between them was growing, how fast the fondness for the other person was becoming a priority, how quickly the familiarity, respect and admiration was becoming love. Not only did they not see the other falling but they also didn’t notice that the carpet had been pulled out from under them and they were as well, that is until one night.


The boys had just entered home after work, Adam was quieter than usual which worried Finn. Usually on their walks back they would complain about some disgusting or rude customer or joke about the random of topics and kill the lonesomeness of the night but tonight Adam said nothing, he didn’t even take Finn’s hand. Sometimes when something was troubling either of them they would take the others hand and hold on tight as if that was the only anchor they had left but now Adam had both his hands closed into tight fi’st and wouldn’t look up at Finn or anywhere but the floor for that matter. Adam face was twisted in an emotion that Finn wasn’t used to from him, it was anger and sadness and hatred. It scared him and Finn didn’t know what to do so he didn’t try to talk to him instead he just walked close to him.


Once they reached home Adam went straight to the other mattress they had found and put up next to Finn’s. Finn unsure of what to do with his friend he went to check on Yuri and Adam’s mother, who were both sleeping peacefully. After changing into comfortable clothes he went to bed. It looked like Adam was already sleeping but to Finn who lay awake listening to Adam’s breath when he couldn’t sleep knew he wasn’t. He didn’t press it and retired to his own bed.


Finn woke up some way into the night wanting water only to find Adam sitting up in bed crying into his hands. The light coming in from the window illuminated Adam, his clothes was wrinkled, his hair was messed up and his biceps had red marks in the form of nails. Finn couldn’t bear the sight so he scrambled over to Adam’s bed and hugged him from behind. He hugged him and placed his head on the back of Adam’s neck. Adam cried even harder after Finn held him. When Finn thought about letting go, Adam grabbed his hand and shook his head. Though Finn couldn’t see Adam’s face or hear what he said, Finn understood and held him until the wailing became crying and the crying became small sobs.


“Wanna talk Ady?” Finn asked him after sitting down in front of him still holding his hand.


“I-I’m so-sorry, I woke you up.”


“It’s okay Ady, I woke up to get water and I saw you. What’s wrong Ady you scared me?”


“I- I was late to work yesterday and they told me that if I was late again they would kick me out. I can’t get kicked out Fi, I have my mother and sister to protect and now I have you too. I know you work too but Fi I need to keep you safe or I would never forgive myself. I had a nightmare, we were all on the streets again and we were trying to eat something but this time you were there as well but you were crying and I didn’t know what to do.”


“Ady don’t worry, we’re tied together now for better or worse. We’ll face it together. It was fate for us to meet and even if we separate we will find our way back to each other. I wont go anywhere until you want me to.” Finn said hugging Adam again,


The boys lay in the same bed that night, Finn holding onto Adam just incase he decided to do something stupid. Adam couldn’t sleep but with Finn by his side he could breathe and think.


Adam thought about how much Finn meant to him. He was once just the boy he saved from an alleyway; actually he was never just that. He was the boy who chased away his lonely, the boy who could play with his insides unknowingly like it was ‘Play Doh’. He was the boy who would hold his hand when he got scared, he was not only the boy Adam protected with his life but also the boy who protected Adam with his life. He was the boy who found the key under the doormat and unlocked the door to his heart. He was the one who gently opened the door making sure he didn’t hit Adam with it and once he was inside refused to leave.


Adam who had been staring at the ceiling, taking in the warmth from Finn’s hand over his stomach. He turned his head to look at the sleeping boy who was helping him, saving him by simply being there. Adam observed his face, the way his eyelashes lay gracefully over his closed eyes, his hair sticking up everywhere and his puffed up cheeks, plump pink lips that were open slightly and puffing out quiet breaths. Adam loved watching Finn sleep, he looked calm and at peace when he slept. Finn looked like a proper child whose innocence and naivety hadn’t been stolen yet and he wanted to keep him like that. Adam wanted more than anything to press his lips against Finn’s but would never sacrifice his friendship with the boy and more importantly he would never make Finn feel uncomfortable so instead he placed a quick kiss on his forehead like he had done many times before and closed his own eyes.


Finn and Adam after that night were often found in the same bed, squashed together. Adam though now aware of his feelings did not act upon them; he wouldn’t in any way put their friendship at risk. Finn didn’t bring up the topic again but never questioned it when Adam asked him to sleep with him. The boys were comfortable now that they had someone to love, someone to protect and someone they could call their own. Though not everything was clear to the two boys, everyone who saw them knew the undeniable chemistry between them and was waiting on the edge of their seat for them to realize it as well.


Weeks passed by them, weeks that soon became months and before they knew it they were nearing the close of the year. It would be the first Christmas they would spend together but not together. Finn would have to work at the bar and Adam at the brothel, though not the whole day they would spend majority of their time during Christmas day apart from each other or asleep. They regretted it with everything they had but didn’t voice their complaints. Both kept up their happy faces and went with their usual schedules.


“Harry what do I?” Finn whined as he threw himself on the barstool.


“Do about what?” Harry asked him while cleaning a glass.


“Christmas. I want to get Adam something but I have no money and I can’t even spend Christmas with him.”


“Get him a kiss, I bet he’ll love that.” He answered smirking.


“If you weren’t older than me I would have thrown something at you.”


“Yah Fi I’m being serious.”


“Stop it.”


“Stop what? What’s he doing now?” Amber asked as he walked towards them.


“Nothing, I didn’t do anything to him.” Harry replied to him.


“He’s teasing me.” Finn complained to Amber.


“I wasn’t, I just told him to give Adam a kiss as a gift.”


“Oh, well he’s right. Ady would love that.”


“Yah shut up.” Finn yelled at them flipping them off and walking way.


Finn didn’t think like that, Adam was a friend. No he was much more than a friend, so much more. Adam was his saving grace, the one who saw him drowning in his own mind and dived in after him. Adam was the one who held his hand and refused to let go. He was the one who gripped on tight and pulled him to the surface. He is the one who is holding onto him and keeping him afloat, allowing him to see the surface and shared it with him.


If Adam wasn’t there to pull him up then Finn was sure to have sunken to the bottom and be covered by the sands of his own mind.


Finn’s mind was overcome with thoughts of gratitude and adoration for the man who helped him and asked for nothing but his company in return and he did not notice the man in the suit walk up to him.


“Finn, isn’t it Christmas day after?” Xavier asked startling the younger.


“Yah, you scared me.”


“Sorry Fi, anyway what are you doing for Christmas?”


“Um work, I don’t really have anything else to do.”


“What about Adam? Aren’t you spending Christmas with him?”


“No, he has work as well.” Finn’s face fell at the though and he was immensely sad once again.


“Hmm okay well I’ll see you later, get back to work.” Xavier walked away, a small smile playing on his lips.


“X what are you going to do?” Harry asked him as Xavier sat down at the counter and watched Finn work.


“Relax Har, I’m just helping the kid out.”


“So you’re playing cupid?”




“Aww, I knew you had a heart.”


“I have a heart shut up.”


Whatever Harry was going to say was cut off by the ringing of Xavier’s phone. They both looked down at the now lit up screen of the phone and the caller ID ‘Sunshine’. Xavier snatched the phone away but not before Harry saw the ID and broke out in laughter.


“Wow! You’re so cute, hey Amber look at this Xavier does have a heart.”


“Since when?” He joked back.


“Probably since he met that Jane kid, guess what her name is saved as.”


“Oh no. Don’t tell me it’s some cheesy crap.”


“It’s sunshine.” Harry was doubled over laughing while Xavier was shooting him death glares as he answered his phone.


“No way in hell.” Someone yelled for Amber from the other end of the club. “Coming.”


“Okay babe, I’ll see you later today.” Xavier hung up on the call and stalked over to Harry. “You know I’m you’re boss dickweed.”


“Ya ya calm down. It’s cute”


“Get back to work and on Christmas make sure everything is shut down by twelve.”




“We’re gonna make our youngest happy.” Xavier walked off with that.


“You got it boss.” Harry yelled unable to keep the widest grin off his face and went back to mixing the drinks.



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