Shattered Crystals-3

The morning light poured through the broken glass and fell straight onto Finn’s eyes. He turned around and muttered unintelligible gibberish. He felt a prodding at his back, he tried to ignore it but the poking just kept going. He got up and rubbed his eyes, slowly opening them as they got adjusted to the light and almost screamed. He was in an unknown room in a place he’s never been with a little girl staring at him.


“Who are you?” She asked him tilting her head slightly.


“Who are you?” Finn questioned right back.


“Yuri, nice to meet you.” She said sticking out her hand. Finn cautiously grabbed her hand and shook.


“Where am I Yuri?”


“Right now you’re on my brothers bed but otherwise you’re in my house.” She said smiling brightly. Finn on the other hand was instantly scared; his mind went straight to the creepy old pervert.


“Who’s your brother Yuri?” he asked her in a lowered voice.


“Adam obviously.” She said and her smile if possible stretched even more. Finn’s smile now mirrored hers and his shoulders relaxed when he heard Adam’s name. “Do you know my brother?”


“Yes, we’re um we’re friends.” Finn wasn’t sure if they were friends although to Finn, Adam was so much more than a friend.


“Oh wow, I didn’t know Ady had friends other than Sara and Nick.”




“He told me they work with him.”


“Where is he anyway?”


“He’s asleep. He’s so lazy and I’m hungry but he told me never to wake him up.”


“C’mon Yuri I’ll make you something to eat, hopefully I wont burn it.”


“Don’t worry you wont, it’s just bread and some spreading thing.”

Finn followed the girl to a corner were some slices of bread and a jam jar were placed. He reached for both and looked to find the jar practically empty but he still made a show of chasing the jam around the container just to hear Yuri laugh again. He finally spread a little bit on two slices of bread for her and gave them to her. He sat with her and watched her eat. Finn was already coming to love the kid and it had barely been an hour.


“Yuri, where are you?” They heard a voice come in from inside and in a worried tone “Yuri did you see the boy with the black hair.” Adam ran into the room without a shirt on and paused to see his little sister sitting cross-legged on the floor eating bread beside Finn smiling and talking.


“Ady, you’re finally awake.” Yuri said and bounded over to where Adam was and he picked her up.


“Hey Fi, how did you sleep? I didn’t want to leave you there yesterday. Sorry if I scared you.” He asked him while walking towards Finn.


“I-I’m okay um.” Finn was too distracted by the sight of shirtless Adam to take proper notice of what was being asked of him.


“Ady, is this your friend? If he’s not can you make him your friend? He’s funny and nice.” Yuri asked Adam pouting at him.


“He’s already my friend Yuri. Um Fi what are you?” He asked when he saw Finn staring; he looked down at his naked torso and blushed. He place Yuri down and excused himself to go change.


“Why did Adam leave?” she asked Finn walking over to him and sitting on him. Finn was slightly taken aback with the sudden show of affection.


“I think he went to put on a shirt Yuri.” He told her trying not to laugh.


“Why? He doesn’t wear shirts in the morning, he says it’s too hot.”


“I have no idea, maybe it became cold.” He said having to refrain from squishing the little girl in his arms, she was sat on him with legs crossed and her hand on her chin, thinking hard.


“Is it because you’re here?” she asked suddenly snapping her fingers.


“No Yuri, maybe he was just cold.”


“He once said that the only time he would wear his shirt was when he went out or was shy. He’s shy because of you Finn.”


“No Yuri, he’s not. Just finish your bread please.” Finn wanted to bury his face; this kid was too deductive, even though what she said was wrong. Adam had no reason to be shy around Finn. She was smirking at Finn as if she had won something.


“Hey guys, again.” Adam stated as he walked in, with a shirt on this time. His hair was uncombed and all over the place and his eyes resembled a raccoons with the smudged eye makeup.


“You look ugly.” Yuri said in a final tone and continued to eat her bread.


“Don’t lie baby, you know I’m very pretty.” Adam retorted sat down in front of her and Finn.


“No Finn looks better.” She said sticking her tongue at Adam.


“Now that hurts Yuri, Finn am I ugly?” Adam asked Finn while pulling the ugliest face he could conjure.


“Ya, sorry you kind of are.” Finn replied while hi-fiving Yuri.


“If you both think I’m ugly then I should just leave right. Fine bye I’m leaving.” Adam pouted and got up from where he was sitting and started to walk away.


“No don’t leave, I love you. You’re very pretty I’m sorry.” Yuri cried out and jumped off of Finn to grab onto Adam’s hand.


“I know baby, I love you too.” He picked Yuri up and brought her back to where Finn was and sat with her on his lap.


“See Finn I am prettier that you, Yuri said so.” Adam said to Finn while Yuri dutifully nodded.


“Ouch Yuri, do you really think so?” Finn played along smoothly.


“Sorry, you’re very pretty but Adam is the prettiest one.”


“Well I can’t argue with you there, he is very pretty.” The moment the words left his lips Finn flushed red and bit his lip. Adam blushed as well and so the red in each others face went unnoticed as they tried to hide their embarrassment.


“You both are boring I’m going to go play.” Yuri said once she realized neither boys were saying anything, got off Ady’s lap and walked off.


“So… did you eat?” Adam forced out, determined to not make it awkward.


“No, not yet.”


“Okay well let’s have breakfast and then we can go for a walk of something.” He said getting up to reach into a cupboard. “Fi I’m sorry, we only have bread left, the jam is over.”


“That’s fine, it’s what I eat anyway.”


Adam smiled gratefully and took out the food and they both ate in silence together. Once they were finished Adam asked Finn if he wanted to change his clothes and offered him a t-shirt. Finn noticed it was the same one Adam had worn when they had first met. After Adam fixed his face and cleared it of any and all makeup they left the house together, walking in comfortable silence next to each other.


“Adam how did I end up in your house?” Finn finally unable to handle not knowing asked.


“Oh, last night while I was going home I walked past the alley and I heard you crying so I came to see what was wrong and you told me you couldn’t sleep in the club and not wanting to disturb Xavier. Who’s that?”


“That’s Suga-Xs real name.”


“Oh that makes sense, for some reason I always thought his name was Suga-X. Anyway I saw you and I brought you to my house.”


“Thank-you, you really didn’t have to. I’ll get my stuff and be out before tonight don’t worry.” Finn told him smiling but inside, a place too clouded and hidden for Adam to see he was scared of being left alone and sad at the thought of leaving Adam and Yuri, who he quickly came to love.


“O-okay then, let’s go to your club.” Adam said, equally crestfallen at the thought of Finn leaving.


“Actually I have to do something, do you want to come with me?” Finn asked, suddenly excited again.


“Um sure, let’s go.” Not a second passed after Adam uttered the words before Finn had grabbed hold of Adam’s hand and ran dragging him through the dirty streets. Adam stumbled around in the beginning but soon balanced himself and ran alongside Finn holding onto his hand. Adam felt slight wind ruffle his hair and a smile growing on his face, a proper one that stretched his lips into a box and he laughed. Finn laughed along with him. They looked like a pair of happy high school students and not kids stuck with the responsibility of keeping themselves alive.


They arrived outside a music shop that had music playing loudly. It resonated outside the shop. Finn walked right in like he was home.


“Hey, I’m back.” He called to a shorter girl behind the counter who had her legs on the table and headphones on and dirty orange hair. The girl didn’t respond probably since she had music in her ears. Finn walked up to her and started waving his hands around to catch her attention. The girl with orange hair and pierced ears looked up and her eyes disappeared as she smiled at Finn.


“Fi, you finally came back.” She yelled and hugged Finn over the desk.


“Yah stop, I told you I would.” Orange head let go of him and looked at the intertwined hands.


“Did you actually get a boyfriend? Finn I am offended you didn’t tell me sooner.” She said placing her hands on her hips.


“What no! We’re not, he’s not my.” They both simultaneously let go of each others hands. He whined, “Stop. I’m going out, can you play track seven.” He asked her and after she nodded he grabbed Adam again and ran out of the shop to the wooden flooring outside the shop and started stretching.


“Um Fi, what are you doing and who was that?” Adam asked thoroughly confused.


“Oh, I’m sorry you must be confused. That’s my friend Jane, I dance here sometimes.” Before Ady could even process the information the music changed and Finn started to move.


Adam had heard Finn sing once, through a door under the shower but he had never seen him dance and to say Adam was surprised was an understatement. Finn moved with such grace and beauty it amazed Adam. He watched on as Finn turned, spread his hands, moved his hips and swept the floor with his feet. His footwork was clean and there were hardly any holes in the choreography. Adam watched on in surprise and admiration as the younger boy glided from one position to another, he watched him jump and leap, it looked to Adam like he was flying, he watched Finn’s chest and hips move to the music with sinful grace and beauty. He watched his long legs and arms stretch and contract, becoming more beautiful and breathtaking as the steps got more complicated.


People had crowded around him to watch and the Jane had placed a hat on the corner of the wooden floor that Finn used as a stage and some people had tossed in some money. Finn danced to a total of three songs before stopping, bowing and coming to sit down on the floor next to Adam and Jane.


“So, did you like it?” Finn asked Adam, sweat plastered to his body and face, panting but with the biggest smile Adam had ever seen grace Finn’s face.


“Fi, wow that was amazing. You dance so well. Why didn’t you tell me?” Adam was in awe of his younger friend. Finn emitted charisma and confidence while he was dancing and Adam was both blown away but also incredibly proud of Finn.


“Thank-you . It’s all thanks to Jane really, she taught me.”


“Not really, I mean I did teach him but Finn caught up fast and he just improved a lot besides it was out of gratitude.” Jane said laughing.


“Gratitude for what?” Adam asked Jane.


“He introduced me to Xavier, god dammit that man is gorgeous.” Jane sighed and leant backwards.


“Your crush is showing.” Finn teased.


“My crush is always showing.” She replied.


Adam watched the innocent teasing with a smile on his face, content to see Finn happy. Finn turned to Adam and explained.


“Jane has the biggest crush on Xavier and one day I was idly dancing in front of her store and she came out to chase me away but she just couldn’t help but fall in love with the gorgeous kid that I am and invited me inside.”


“That is not what happened. I went out to chase him away but I took pity on the poor kid who looked like he was having so much fun and brought him inside. You may continue now.” Jane protested and then lay back down.


“Anyway we became friends and I would come to her shop sometimes and one day Xavier dropped me off because I had hurt my leg and Jane developed the biggest crush on him. She told me sshe would teach me how to dance if I introduced her to Xavier so I did and I now know how to dance but Jane is too much of a baby to ask Xavier out.”


“Am not, I’m just waiting for the perfect timing.”


Afterwards Jane invited both of them out for lunch on him. They killed time with Jane and started walking home around five pm. Finn slipped his hand into Adam’s and when he didn’t pull away Finn sighed gratefully. Though both their stomachs were doing backflips and their hearts exploded in butterflies neither pulled their hands apart. Once they reached Finn’s club they parted ways.


Finn was almost done cleaning up when Xavier showed up again.


“Finn, I’m really sorry but I don’t think you can stay here. You really are welcome at my place, I don’t want you sleeping on the street again.”


“It’s fine, I’m used to it. Don’t worry.”


“Finn, I’m not letting you sleep on the street where filthy animals and men alike may hurt you. You will either stay at my place or I can rent out an apartment for you. I have the money. You can’t be alone out there.” Xavier insisted.


Unknown to Finn and Xavier, Adam had entered the club after completing his surprisingly short list. He heard the conversation and felt the need to protect Finn again; he didn’t want him alone on the streets either so he took the opportunity to tell him to stay with Adam.


“He won’t be alone, he can stay with me for as long as he likes don’t worry.” Adam voiced out stepping out next to Finn.


“You? Don’t make me laugh. I am not letting Finn stay with someone of the likes of you. You’re a sex worker. Finn doesn’t deserve this, I’m trying to give him a proper life.”


Adam looked as though he had been slapped in the face. Adam had been mocked, teased and disrespected before and he knew it was just part of his job but when it happened to him in front of Finn. The boy he felt connected to him, the one who made him feel happy, Adam felt the air escape his body and his walls instantly bounced back up. He was reminded of the people that left him, he was reminded of the things that were thrown at him, the disgust he felt every time he looked at himself in the mirror. He anticipated the disgust he would receive from Finn, from his light in the world. He anticipated the words that would be thrown at him and the overwhelming feeling of loneliness and depression that would take over and grip him tighter than ever before. He couldn’t face Finn he turned around and was about to walk out when he heard the sound of the palm meeting with the soft flesh of the cheek and felt a tug on his sleeve.


“Xavier, I respect you and love you but what you just said is not acceptable. Adam cares for his little sister and his mother who’s sick. He does everything to make them happy and even me, who he hasn’t even known for long. Please I don’t like fighting with you but I will not allow you to insult him. You take care of all of us here, you were the one who taught me not to judge people without knowing them, please don’t judge him.” Finn turned to face Adam “Please don’t be upset. I don’t care where you work. You’re a great person and you make me feel happy and safe and not many people can do that. Don’t leave. Please let me come with you.”


Adam was surprised to say the least; he had expected Finn to step away from him in disgust and to never talk to him. He expected to lose Finn forever. Adam couldn’t speak.


“Please, I need you.”


He said nothing, unable to form coherent words. He instead reached out and took hold of Finn’s hand and led him out of the club.


“My ship is sailing.” They heard Harry scream from inside and Xavier telling him to shut up.


Adam was encompassed in surprise and unfathomable happiness. Among the tears that had stained his face just a few seconds ago spread a wide smile and Adam could not remember another moment in which he felt so validated and loved.


Finn had never felt braver and warmer ever before. He felt strength surge through him as he held onto Adam’s hand and he felt proud of himself for standing up for someone he loved. He turned his head to see the smile form on Adam’s lips and this brought on the smile of undeniable happiness of his own.


Both boys had finally found the person that made them feel important, safe and loved in this cruel and tragic life they had.


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