“Every child has a certain naivety. One that’s been destined to be taken away by life at one point of time. This naivety is the only thing that separates them from wonder and reality. Society takes it upon himself to steal that from us.

Some people pretend not to have lost their naivety and live on pretending forever. Some people realise it’s over and move on with their newfound intelligence. Some people let their lives rot while they stay bitter over their lost naivety.

A young girl in the first year of her teens lost her naivety, she fell from the clouds she floated among, to the harsh world down below.

She had no idea what she was in for and it broke her bones and left her scarred. She was left alone, broken and in pain.  She was left in a pit surrounded by darkness with no way out. That young girl cried and cried and finally she had enough, She crawled her way to the edge of the pit and climbed out, bleeding and tired she reached the top only to find that the top was indeed worse than the pit.

On the top, there was sadness and hurting, there was backstabbing and loss, there were murders and suicides, justice was twisted and people were worse.

So now she walks among them, her naivety lost to the wind trying to save those who are losing their battles and falling into their pits.

Trying to pull out those who have already sunk far into the ground. She exchanged her childhood innocence and naivety for pain and knowledge.”

-and now she uses this knowledge to save others from that pain.

//Spilled Ink//


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