Set Free

Prompt of the Day- Carefree

I see the children run under the trees, I see them kick their balls and play with their toys. I see the newly wed lovers who have escaped their troubles at least for a short while sit and gaze into each others eyes as in love as the first time they met. I see the friends who laugh together, not just with their lips but with their eyes and souls. I see the girl on the bus with her earphones plugged in and a book open, focusing on nothing but the world of her immersion. I see the boy sat on the grass staring out at the sky, staring at seemingly empty space to others but an entire other world to him.

I see these people so engrossed in the simplest joys they have, these people in complete ignorance of what is, what was and what will be. I see them and I know they are not in ignorance because they do not know but because for now, for this moment in time they want to be free. I see them ignore their worries and troubles just to fly into their personal wonderlands, I see them set themselves free and if even for a while pretend to be carefree.

//Spilled Ink//


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