It’s Scary in Here

Prompt of the day- Nightmare

Sometimes at night I can’t sleep. Sometimes it’s too quiet in my room and the things in my head start to talk. Sometimes I try to close my eyes but everything goes to hell from there. Sometimes I try to fall asleep but when I let go of my control they all come back.

It’s scary in here, at night. It’s scary in here when it’s too quiet and it’s scary in here when I lose control.

A nightmare is something I wouldn’t mind because a nightmare is a dream and you can wake up from a dream. You can’t wake up from life, life is forever unless you decide to end it but i’m too scared to do that.

A nightmare would be bliss but this life right now is all I have and well sometimes this is worse than a nightmare.

A dream is something I used to hide in but I woke up from that dream and now the silhouette of that dream is all that’s left. A faint outline of my life once this nightmare is over I can see.

A nightmare can get over and I hope and pray that this is a nightmare for if this doesn’t end I might.

//Spilled Ink//


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