Can I Come Home?

Prompt of the Day- Guest

The scariest thing I have ever faced is looking into my own mind because often when I go in there, I don’t recognise anything. It doesn’t have the safety a home should possess.

I don’t recognise the decor, I don’t recognise the paintings or pictures hanging on the walls hell I don’t even recognise the person living there.

Her eyes are faded and hidden from me. I can’t see her smile either. I can’t even see her face properly, the shadows covering it are too dark.

A guest in my own mind. It would make me laugh, if only the lump in my throat would move, if only I could claw it out.

It feels as though I’m watching her destroy my house after kicking me out.

The only thing I do recognise is a light covering the bottom of the house. Though it is small, it’s still present and it’s keeping the house alive.

To be a guest in my own mind is scary but watching it get destroyed from the outside is worse.

I want to go home.

//Spilled Ink//


3 thoughts on “Can I Come Home?

  1. It’s to understand that girl who is sitting in the dark is the actual you, wat u do daily is ur conscious mind, but wat you are actually is the subconsciousness, u feel everything new, strange pictures hanging in the wall n all ,but it’s far better wen u start understanding it :))


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