Is love insanity or sanity?

Ever since the beginning of time love has been an idea and a feeling. Love has never been a fixed statement; it stretches between the affection of lovers, parents, friends, siblings and even animals. Love stretches past oceans and mountains, past time and space. The feeling of true love hides within a person until it is evoked, until it is called from where it resides laying in wait. Love is the purest, most true form of human beauty. The very soul of a human being has been smothered in love. Many say that when one is incapable of love they have lost their humanity and they have moved past sanity when in reality to love is truly insanity for in love we keep aside rationality and logic. We follow what our heart tells us and though love may hurt, it rewards with the pure joy and adoration felt when we see the one we desire. When in love we have surrendered the power to harm or break us over to the one we love. Tell me what sane person would let that happen? To be in love is to be insane but it is this insanity that brings with it the greatest reward one could wish for, happiness.
//Spilled Ink//

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