Prompt of the day-Glass

What is a mirror?

Most would say it’s a piece of glass which shows how you look everyday. A piece of furniture everyone with a house owns. Now while what you say isn’t wrong, no not wrong at all it isn’t necessarily right either. I’ve often spent hours in front of my mirror lost. No not in my looks, i’m not talking about some vain obsession I have with my looks i’m talking about getting lost in what I cannot see.

I am here referring to that which lies behind my eyes, the secrets that hide deeper within the mind no one dares to enter. I am referring to the long winding corridors that are either bathed in shadows or illuminated with sunlight. These corridors behind my eyes just keep growing, they never seem to stop and as I grow older they seem to darken for reasons unknown to me.

The girl in the mirror often tends to laugh at me, she mocks me for being too weak and scared to venture further within the corridors. I wonder if she knows going further inside the corridors will just pull me further away from reality.

The glass of the mirror is said to reflect exactly what is put in front of it but sometimes the glass instead of reflecting me as I am outside reflects the girl in the corridor. The one who is lost and scared and needs to find a way out. Sometimes the eyes reflected in the glass look too far within and sometimes I can see her crying out to me to help and to guide her through but oh dear.

Oh dear sweet one how am I to guide you out if I, myself am lost?

//Spilled Ink//


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